Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Cece Caldwell's duck blue transforms

CeCe Caldwell recently launched 6 new colors, one was the Las Vegas Fuchsia I used on this adorable nightstand and this round I have duck blue. As many of you know, blue is my happy place and this color did NOT disappoint.

Enter this well loved but solid hardwood dresser, the size and height makes me think originally it was a wash stand

It has gone thru many color changes over the years, cream, peach, melamine orange, blue...

Sand and scrape and sand some more, before and during shown here

and the day continued until eventually it was smooth, I was not worried about removing all the blue as I chose duck blue to paint it in

and ready for its spa bath and repairs

duck blue went on in two coats with a dry time between coats

Old pieces have loads of character dings and marks and this was no different, to incorporate and embrace them I did the top in a few color wash of blues/whites after trying on the top drawer fronts. And to keep it aged and appropriate, Cece's aging cream once it had a clear coat of wax rubbed in and dry. This aging cream is very concentrated so a little goes a long way but what great character it adds.

power tools.. yeah.. time to install some missing drawer stops freshly cut from a piece of maple I had on hand and left to dry well

new hardware was added to the bottom two drawers while some vintage knobs went on the top two, this sweet little thing makes the perfect sofa table

it would be amazing at a front entry to catch all and store mitts, toques and scarves

or a great height in a little ones room to access themselves, so many uses for this adorable piece of history

I am very lucky to have been chosen as a Cece Caldwell paint rep and have loved sharing my projects using their amazing paints and stains and finishes in these blog posts, this curio cabinet in vintage white, this map frame in vintage white, chair in Chesapeake, dining table in vintage white, hickory stained sign, vintage white antique coffee table, and this dresser in Michigan pine. Stay tuned (better yet subscribe) to see what I do with Philadelphia parchment!

disclosure: As a CeCe Caldwells paint rep, they provided me with this paint in exchange for creating this showcase piece, thanks Cece!

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Monday, 12 September 2016

OFMP chippy antique highchair

I purchased this sweet antique high chair sans tray from a lady who grew up in it, I love the history of old pieces. I initially thought old white and chippy so out came Old Fashioned Milk Paint light cream.

whisk the powder and water and let sit for 15 minutes to let the bubbles settle

a great tip for chairs is to turn upside down and start painting there, it helps get the underside and awkward areas before standing up and finishing

 I did not paint this piece completely, this is hard for me as I was taught to paint carefully and neatly so this look is a brain gymming exercise but if you leave the nooks without paint it gives a more worn appearance once finished

pure milk paint likes to chip on its own if no bonding agent is added, and this was the look I wanted, to help the process along I sanded to help it chip and smooth the surface

original wood colors also alter the final color, shown above is the same light cream on two different stained wood colors, crazy heh?

the bright white color just did not seem to be right so I added a teal glaze wiped back to just add some color over the light cream color after giving it a coat of satin poly to seal the milk paint and a coat after the wash to seal again

I am not sure if this is the final look, perhaps a solid teal over the whole thing may be in order ;), what do you think?

As a OFMP brand rep, I have received product in exchange for this post, but ALL the opinions are entirely MY own.  This post contains a sponsored link for Old Fashioned Milk Paint

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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Restoration Hardware inspired dining table

my Restoration Hardware version
*pic from Restoration Hardware website*

I love Restoration Hardware but I hate the prices. So when I purchased this wood dining table I immediately saw it in RH greys.

The table is only 4 years old but it seems someone spilled something that ruined the finish but I saw the perfect challenge piece and purchased it knowing full well it would be made over into something useable. I started with my orbital sander but the finish was tough so opted to pull out the stripper.

so pour on the stripper and let is do its thing, bubble bubble... and scrape

and this is what is removed for one table top

but once stripped and sanded it looks like this, check out that inlaid veneer grain

time to get painting, I chose Fusion Mineral Paint's line for this project, Little lamb from the Tones for Tots line and ash from regular line

here is little lamb mixed with water as a stain for the top

then ash added with a wet brush to add dimension

what do you think?

I just love the thick pedestal base..

and here it is with a coat of darker grey on the base.. Fat's Amanda Forrest Greysful

and the top view after a bit of greysful added too

this is my test board.. I added Fusions  antiquing tough coat to half to see the effect and I loved it

so on it went BUT I did not like what happened in the center when coats went over each other.. note to self.. don't cross areas

but more sanding helped to remove much of the brown/grey area

I added more ash on the final base coat, Fusion adheres so well I find sanding to reveal layers a bit harder so chose to brush on more colors as I sanded. I found the secret weapon to better detailing.. fingers! thankfully Fusion is low VOC and easy clean up so not a worry and it looks awesome

then hit the top with black glaze

and this is where it sits at day 2 left overnight to dry

the next day the top received 2 clear tough coats and the base had the black glaze treatment and again left to dry overnight. The entire table received another coat of tough coat and the top 2 additional coats.

Time to move in and photograph...

yes this is me, and the table. I usually am behind the camera but Hometalk requested painter & project picture

so again, here is my version and the Restoration Hardware one.. what do you think?

photo from Restoration Hardware website

I have received product in exchange for this post, but ALL the opinions are entirely MY own.  This post contains sponsored links for Fusion Mineral Paint

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