Homestead House stain and finishing oil antique chair

How stains are evolving, Homestead House has a stain and oil finish all in one, how easy it that? I sanded and scrubbed well this old antique chair after removing the original leather seat first. Once it was good and dry I opened my can of Homestead House stain & finishing oil all in one in cappuccino, dipped in a paper towel with my nitrile gloved hand in the dark brown color and began to rub on the wood. Being old and dry it soaks it up right away and gives a deeper color and luster to the wood.

 all sanded and scrubbed
stain & finishing oil going on.. right side

the seat half hemp oiled

It is very close to the original color. I treated the leather seat with hemp oil to help rehydrate it. When all was good and dry I reassembled the seat on. I wanted just a bit more vintage sheen so gave the entire chair minus the seat of course a coat of Homestead House espresso wax. Wipe and buff and walaa!

looks lovely with the antique tiger oak dresser currently for sale too

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