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Antique dresser in Old Fashioned Milk Paint's light cream

When I purchased this antique chest of drawers from an old neighbor I knew it had to be reloved in milk paint. Milk paint is the perfect paint for antique and vintage pieces as it keeps them in the time era they were built.

Color now is a whole other ball of wax; originally I thought  Old Fashioned Milk Paint in sea green as a real one of a kind piece but my heart kept going back to my favorite  Old Fashioned Milk Paint color, light cream.

To date, this vintage vanity/desk is one of my favorite pieces I have done.

it is always a classic color, perfect for this vintage quilt rack

This dresser has had a few makeovers in its past as you can see by the colors revealed when sanding

and the original handles were removed and glass knobs added, which was far to busy in my opinion

and the sweet key holes all filled in ;( so I dug them all back out to original

and sanded the entire piece down and scrubbed well as I always do with my pieces and left to dry
See scrubbing videos part one here and…

Accent Chairs ~ before and after

Take a boring old chair, whether it be in a dated orange stain or rickety old one, and give it new life with paint. A chair can be so multipurpose; at the front entry to sit and put shoes on with, by your bed to catch clothes, at a desk, outside your front door, as extra seating or mix and match set for a dining room. My personal favorite are vintage press back chairs because they are pretty but any shape and style can be reloved and made useful. Here are some I have reloved .. before and after and a link to how to if I had a blog post on them

Cottage paint in Teal
Fusion Mineral Paint in Coal Black

American Paint Company in Peacock

Fusion Mineral paint in Lichen

FAT paint in Bombshell

Cece Caldwell Chesapeake blue