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Homestead House Limestone Milk Paint Dresser ~ Sideboard ~ TV Unit ~ Change Station

One of my past favorite projects was THIS dresser turned sideboard. I recently sourced a similar dresser, sturdy solid wood with a great farm house feel.

For this one I chose Homestead House milk paint in limestone, before applying it I added some other colors of milk paint to give layers. Green and brown went on with bonding agent added which made them stick like glue.

I added bonding agent to the Homestead House milk paint limestone too and it stuck and covered the colors in just one coat.

I added a second coat of limestone with bonding agent and once dry, I had to power sand to get the distressing I wanted. Before I could add dark wax to further the aged look I applied a clear coat of Cece Caldwell's endurance to seal the milk paint. Homestead House espresso furniture wax was worked into the dresser edges, crevices and areas that needed some definition. Knowing that the top could get lots of traffic I added 2 coats of Polyvine wax finish varnish in a clear dead flat finish. (…

Cerused Coffee Table

Occasionally I rethink a project I have done and redo it in a new finish. This cute low coffee table that was painted grey with a sweet stencil had sat too long.

Seeing it was solid wood I thought it would be the perfect project to ceruse. What is cerusing wood you say?

"Back in the 1500's, the French invented a technique of filling in the grains in oak beams and paneling with a toxic paste derived from lead. This was initially done to help prevent rot in oak beams. ... Today that stylish finish is still called limed oak in Europe and here in the US we call it cerused wood or cerused oak."
Start by sanding the finish off down to bare wood. I used my orbital sander and 40 grit since a few layers of paint

Next take a wire brush (yes this is a drill attachment I bought after watching a YouTube Video claiming it worked but it is far to harsh as per test board so I used manual like a brush) and going with the grain in long smooth strokes to open the pores and ra…

Fusion Mineral Paint's English Rose Jewelry Boxes

Millennial pink has been on the radar for awhile now, Fusion Mineral Paint just released English Rose, a beautiful soft shade of pink. I did 2 wooden jewelry boxes in two different finishes. Follow along to see how each were created. Also check out an MCM dresser in this gorgeous color I did too.

Both wooden jewelry boxes were fully painted in the soft pink with 4 coats for full coverage (above is after 2), a tip to save paint would be to use a base coat of Fusion's concealer or primer ;)

Once the 4 coats were dry, I added Fusion's champagne metallic paint over it all and highlighted the hardware and edges with the NEW rose gold wax.
This jewelry box is all sparkly, pretty and girly!! The perfect look for a little girl inheriting her late Grandma's jewelry box.

Now onto the 2nd jewelry box, I used Krylon Looking Glass spray paint to give an aged mercury glass feel to the etched glass door pane.

The edges were distressed and Homestead House's espresso wax added for a …